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Нарушения понимания речи в дошкольном возрасте 

Our interstellar communication is as much for us as it is for them

Ольга Доленко 

Jun 7 | 7 min read

The idea is that if an intelligent alien comes across this map, floating somewhere out in space, they could figure all of that out.

The pulsar map is best known as a component of the cover of the Voyager Golden Record, the 12-inch discs each attached to the pair of Voyager probes flung to the far reaches of the solar system in the 1970s. The probes were designed to visit Jupiter and Saturn, but NASA knew they’d have enough momentum to keep trucking on through — and out of — the solar system. And so, in a gesture of great romanticism, they commissioned Carl Sagan to adorn the probes with some sort of return address and, more than that, a message to whoever might find them.